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La Brújula Inmóvil

Toñoña (´ワ`*)
22 November 1989
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Bajo el Sol del mediodía

Calmed and unassuming girl from Spain who only wants to find her true love
and enjoys Sundays playing with her old GBA under the Sunshine.

Likes languages (Japanese and Spanish over all), Jpop, Sunny days,
play Nintendo videogames, cats, silence, be warm, romances but also dramas,
the sound of the rain, eat sweet things...

Fan of Axis Powers Hetalia, One Piece, Legend of Zelda, and Boktai.
Also Fullmetal Alchemist, Toki wo kakeru Shojo, Wolf's Rain, Death Note and Pokémon.

Unlocked entries are for fandom.
Locked entries are my thoughts and daily life.

Give me yuri and I'll be happy ♥